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The Watchers Revenge! Preorder and Win an Echo or a FireStick or an Amazon Gift Card!!!!!

Hello Everyone!

     Today is an exciting day! The Watchers Revenge is now available for preorder! So this is what I am going to do. The first hundred preorders on Amazon, Ibooks, Kobo, and Nook will get an autographed page from the manuscript. Also whoever pre orders will be entered to win one of three prizes; An Amazon Fire Stick, Amazon Echo or a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

Firestickechogift card


 So the rules are simple. Be one of the first 100 people to pre order get an autographed page! Just pre order the book and you will automatically be entered to win one of the three prizes above!

The only thing I will need is a screenshot of the confirmation letter of your pre order that will be your raffle entry. The winners will be announced the first week of July!


     So follow the link below and get your pre order in now!


   The Watchers Revenge


   Good Luck! Thank you for everything!


Chris Shuler

Happy April!!!!

Hello and Happy April!

     Well, this is turning out to be an amazing year so far and 2017 is flying by at a fast pace!

I just wanted to drop you all a line to let you know what is going on.

   The Watchers Rising will soon be offered in print form as well as all E Book mediums

    I have decided to change the title of  Volume II to The Watchers Revenge. (it’s funny how something you are creating takes a life of its own and moves in different direction)

   Since it did take a life of its own, I have two  new book covers to show you and thanks to the people at Steel Magnolias Management and in my opinion they look great! Kristy Shealy’s team has it going on!



Here is what they came up. Which one do you like the best? I would really love your feedback on them!


The other big announcement is I am pretty much done with the rough draft of Volume II so beta readers get ready!


Another thing I would love for you to do is like my Facebook page that way you can be up to date on all my announcements and giveaways because I am getting ready to do some great stuff!

.Just follow the link below!


Chris Ebooks Library


And as always so some love to the indie writers! Some great free stuff here!

Great Reads!


Thank you so much!


See you soon!

Hi Everyone!!!

Hello from South Carolina!!     Hey everyone! I hope everything is good and you are enjoying 2017 so far. As winter (if you can call it that) draws to a close I’m steadily working on volume two of the Watchers series. Soon you will find out what Azazel and Ashley have in store for our poor heroes after their show down in the cavern.

     Here is an update on the book.

    It is well over half way written and the rough draft will go through four revisions then it will be done.

    The title as of right now is The Search

    When it will be released I will be holding a giveaway and the grand prize and 1st place prize are awesome!

     Also I am looking for a beta reading team for book two so if you are interested then email me. I am thinking about 10 to 15 people. If you are selected you get to read the book before everyone else and giving me feedback is a must. 
     Thank you for reading and joining me for this adventure as I write the stories that bounce around in my head, I appreciate it. Below I’m including some links to some very great books so show some authors some love and check out their books while you are waiting on The Search to be released!


Thanks again and see you soon for a few updates!