North of 40 South of 50

North Of 40 South of 50
Hi, just touching base with everyone. It is now 2018 and the past couple weeks I have been thinking about a few things. I have two beautiful children, One left for college in the fall and one is currently a freshman in high school. Over Christmas break, I gave my son, the freshman, a Firestick and while playing with it I marveled at some of the stuff this thing does. No, this is not a product ad so don’t worry about that. What I was amazed about is you can type in what you want to watch and this little thing will search and tell you where you can stream it. I was blown away! So while playing with it some more I started thinking about the way things were when I was my son’s age.
Okay, this is going to date me a little bit but I grew up in the era when there were cassette tapes and when you wanted to listen to a song you had to fast forward or rewind in a stereo. CDs were still on the horizon and VHS was still the dominant way to watch movies at the local Blockbuster or if you had cable you would look at the guide to see if it is on HBO, Showtime or Cinemax. The major networks still ruled prime time but your night got royally screwed if the President decided to do some sort of speech, During the summer when you went out with your friends your mom and dad could easily find you because it was the house with all the bikes scattered in the front yard.
When I reminisce about those times my kids usually roll their eyes at me or they don’t understand how we survived such a horrible time in our lives. To me, I would not trade those times in the world. We were a generation that did not have technology at our fingertips. When we wanted to talk to someone we would pick up the phone (at my house it hung on the wall in the kitchen before it got moved to the den) and some phones at the time where rotary so you had to wait for the what seemed like forever for the little dial to spin its circle, At times you had to, gasp, ride your bike the few blocks over to meet with your friend.
No, even in this day in age I do not need to ‘binge’ watch the 100 eps of The Walking Dead, nor do I need to pay a monthly subscription to get the Taylor Swift cd early. I don’t mind waiting a week to see the next episode of Lucifer. What today’s technology is raising a generation of people who won’t have patience it’s all about the now. They won’t have the appreciation of watching something live or going down to the local record store to buy a cd or cassette.
I wonder if that is what is going on in my teenager’s life…what will my grandkids have?
Until next time

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